Poetry Pen pal

Participants Must Be at least 18 years of age or older and must reside in the U.S., in order to participate in Poetry Pen pal!

Read the Expectations and Guidelines thoroughly before sending a letter.

TTWNT will share an original poem in response to your letter.

Send A Letter

Expectations and Guidelines

  • First and foremost, you agree and acknowledge that you will avoid the following listed topics and discussions in each letter you submit using the form above and at http://www.ttwnt.com & http://www.thingsthatwerenottold.com:
    • Overt or Covert discussions of violence
    • Child or Elder Abuse & Neglect
    • Sexually explicit (or implicit) content
    • Flirting Language
    • Discussion of drugs or other substances
    • Illegal Acts
    • Nudity
    • Offensive names, language, or material
    • Sharing of personal information including but not excluding, your last name, address, telephone number, social media accounts, et cetera.
    • Do not ask for the telephone number of TTWNT (including whatsapp, wechat, etc), address, social media profiles or any other form of personally identifiable information.
    • Do not send hateful or threatening letters
    • Do not harass TTWNT with unwanted letters
    • Do NOT be condescending, or make racist, sexist, classist assumptions or assertions
    • Do not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, gender, religion, politics, country of origin, sexual identity or disability.
    • Do not pretend to be somebody else.
    • Do not imply you represent TTWNT also known as, Things That Were Not Told, in any way.
    • Do not send photos belonging to you or of somebody else.
    • Do not use TTWNT to violate the law or promote any type of crime. Otherwise, you might be reported to law enforcement.
    • Do not ask for gifts, money, donations or compensation of any kind.
  • By submitting your letter to TTWNT, you agree and understand that TTWNT will store your letter/email in my email account and that TTWNT may delete the letter/email at my discretion without notice to you or any affiliated party.
  • TTWNT also known as Things That Were Not Told and its owner are protected at a minimum by a common law trademark and copyright. You agree and will avoid the use, misuse, or infringement on TTWNT, Things That Were Not Told, and any material published on the website, http://www.ttwnt.com. Under no circumstances shall you reproduce, distribute, make available, perform and display, or create adaptions to the work on this website or works sent to you by electronic communications at any time.
  • As the creator of your original work which will be submitted using the above form, you own all rights to your work.
  • All participants who access http://www.ttwnt.com & http://www.thingsthatwerenottold.com and/or submit a letter using Poetry Pen pal will do so using it for its intended purposes. Poetry Pen pal is intended for submitting letters via electronic communication using the above contact form only.
  • By submitting a letter, you also understand that TTWNT is under no committment or agreement to respond to your letter and that by doing so, participation from both you and TTWNT are at-will. However, TTWNT will attempt to respond to each Pen pal who has followed the expectations and guidelines within a reasonable time frame and at my discretion.

By participating in Poetry Pen Pal at http://www.ttwnt.com & http://www.thingsthatwerenottold.com, you hereby agree to indemnify TTWNT, its owner, and all respective parties and to defend and hold each of them harmless from any and all claims and liability (including attorneys’ fees) which may arise in connection with participation. TTWNT has the right to block or report any participant who does not adhere to the Guidelines and Expectations.

Crisis & Emergencies

If you are in an emergency situation, call 9-1-1.  

This is a list of additional supports,

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, free, 24/7, (800) 273-8255

Crisis Text Line by texting 741741

National Sexual Assault Hotline, Free, 24/7, (800) 656-4673

National Domestic Violence Hotline, 24/7, (800) 799-7233